Friday, June 11, 2010

Chairman of the Board

Got a delivery of 76 sheets of plasterboard yesterday. Of course the delivery truck couldn't fit down the driveway, so the driver and I unloaded them outside the front gate (no crane on the truck). Then I had to put them on the trailer and take them down the driveway and unload them in the garage. After the first load an elderly neighbour (maybe late 70s) insisted on helping. After an hour or so of working and discussing his heart attack, back operation and watching him wheeze and sweat profusely in the the 5 degree (minus wind chill) temperature we were finally nearly finished. Just as we're about to unload the last sheet he tells me he's also got a pace maker which is due for replacement! He offered his help any other time I need it, but I'm not sure it's worth killing a neighbour just to build a garage!

Insulation going in the walls.

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